Based on the risk assessment of the project we will set the criteria for each test level against which we will measure the "enough testing". These criteria vary from project to project and are known as exit criteria.

Exit criteria come into picture, when:

  • Maximum test cases are executed with certain pass percentage.
  • Bug rate falls below certain level.
  • When achieved the deadlines.

We measure various parts of the process, starting from simple things like number of lines of code (kLOC) and team size to variance in the number of class relationships initially defined and finally implemented.

Though individual clients and projects may not see the role of emphasis, we believe that this exercise diligently followed has helped mature our development capabilities over time through:

Evaluating exit criteria

To check the test logs against the exit criteria specified in test planning.

To assess if more test are needed or if the exit criteria specified should be changed.

To write a test summary report for stakeholders.

Sysway Technologies also uses these emphasis for internal benchmarking.