Our Technologies


  • We attempt to bring its expertise to the use of small business in an economic fashion and becoming an enabling factor in India's onilne growth. In addition, they are built on open technologies as much as possible. Where differences lie in technology implementation between platforms, efforts should be made to ensure that both are supported, through a combination of feature detection and appropriate code for different platforms, and graceful degradation.


  • Web Apps are essentially no different than standard websites. They are built using standard Web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. and can be accessed using a Web browser. The main differences lie in their ability to be installed on a device and work offline, and access to advanced API's that allow interaction with device features such as the camera, address book, and other such things.

We Offer

A wide range of business solutions ranging from Software Development, Mobile Application Development, E-Commerce & M-Commerce Solutions, Web Analytics, Cloud Integration Solutions, Web Solutions, Mobile Application Development and many more.